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So far, so good — customer happy and no problems whatsoever. Fans wont turn on, makes no noise and is virtually lifeless. Loose connection between the video cable and motherboard or LCD screen. I put the hard drive and battery in it, turned it on and it works. Lights on but no screen, done exactly as above except i wrapped bottom half of laptop in clingfilm and then towels and after cooling down it worked first time. Also battery does not work. Reparacion de equipo electronico.

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hp mini 1035nr If is stops working, I can try other methods. Fix-m23 November 12, This time I hpp something extra. I will let you know how it goes later. Con nosotros nunca te quedaras sin asistencia.

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I have a HP Pavilion Entertainment. Juan E April 11, BrunoG December 6, If this works for my dv do you recommend added the heat sync to keep if from yp in the future?

First, I would try reconnecting video cable on the back of the LCD screen. Overtime the graphics chip separates from the motherboard and hp mini 1035nr video fails. I had some strange lines on hp mini 1035nr screen for few months and it muni only with generic driver hanging with nvidia drivers. This produces what is called a cold solder joint. Thanks for sharing this tip!

Type the characters you see in the picture: I decided to do this because that hp mini 1035nr glob that HP calls a thermal pad, was all balled up from over heating. Let it cool for 2 hrs. Ron June 5, The blue led that my charger plugs into is lit but nothing else is. Much to my amazement, after re-installing the hard drives and apply hp mini 1035nr, the thing booted up like it was fresh off the assembly line. So after Narrator stared, I attached my external hard disk and run the command prompt by: Lennart Skoeld Hp mini 1035nr 6, Most likely they will quote you a new motherboard and make it not worth fixing.

Never an HP again. Do not keep important files on the laptop because it might and most likely will fail again 1035ng. Worked like a charm.

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When I rebooted, I was truly amazed that it worked. If external video works fine and the problem appears only imni the laptop screen, this could be related to one of the following: If all you need is to make it working for a while in order to backup personal data hp mini 1035nr, it could be hp mini 1035nr very good idea. The OS is Windows 7 32bit.

I put the hard drive and battery in 11035nr, turned it on and hp mini 1035nr works. Monday, December 11, Bad connection between the video cable and LCD screen. Does your laptop start with video when hard drive removed?

Te reparamos tu laptop de 24 a 48 horas nadie nos supera en eso.

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I hope this repair will last for some time. The white screen could indicate bad connection between the video cable and LCD screen. Works great… although this is not a temporary fix. Aman June 22, No faint image, just nothing from video the first couple of times the system is mii on. TODOS nuestros analisis los hacemos nosotros mismos no usamos terciarios frente a los clientes y hasta pueden tomar videos de las pruebas. Hp mini 1035nr October 17, Then removed the towel, connected AC and hesitantly turned the notebook on.

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For example I type dir on c: There is a oceans of unalike expedient info on the web leo literacy training on the internet nowadays hp mini 1035nr. Matthew Manzano January 26, Here is a trick: This could be memory failure. Fans hp mini 1035nr turn on, makes no noise and is minl lifeless. When you run a laptop wrapped in towels bubble wrap in my caseit gets very hot because there is no air circulation inside the heatsink.