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Everything is working fine even while plugged in. Can you hear sound in headphones? Then I let it cool for 20 mins with the door ajar. Also Solder will not stick after a while of being heated and cooled and either flux or fresh solder must be applied. I recommend this guide to anyone with such a dead laptop! Try removing memory modules and test the laptop with only one module installed.

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I have found just the fan compaq f730us said it fits the f would they work. I do computer support as a compaq f730us. I would like to check the battery voltage but I am not sure f73u0s of the 6 little knife blade connections is which? This Acer system uses any of 3 different power boards.

F703us, thank you very much for this post. I examined the PC board with a hi-power magnifier and saw one compaq f730us de-soldered connection and several others that were marginal.

You can see the board in the upper right corner in the step In this guide I explain how to disassemble a Compaq Presario F notebook. They expose the board to the heat for 60 to seconds. Hope compaq f730us should work on Compaq too.

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Remove four screws securing the display panel. I used strips of cardboard around the bottom edges to raise the foil compaq f730us cardboard off the mb, keeping the foil side up and away from the mb.

Im really keen to try this method so can someone give me some feedback on this? I tried heating the graphics chip by placing an iron on the chip placing a thin sheet of paper in between for about minutes and guess what my compaq f730us is breathing life once again. Thanks for sharing this. compaq f730us

This Jack is for use with AC compaq f730us dompaq that are 4. Jasom October 6, at 2: Powersupply is providing power tested with a voltmeter.

The laptop recognized and is f370us all the RAM. This board can be unplugged from the motherboard. That would be my best guess. I believe only one USB compaq f730us is located on that board. No need to bake the entire thing… Just compaq f730us option to consider anyways.

Sometimes the screen goes t730us black I can see the backlight is functional compaq f730us no information on the screen or compaq f730us mostly horizontal lines. The lights, the fan and the hard drive compaq f730us turn on for only a second then it would shutdown. Is it always a good idea to use a cooler under a laptop? Can I open the Laptop and either replce the switch os short it by a wire using soldering iron.

Let it cool before handling ocmpaq to flowing solder. See PJ for the 65 watt 3. Do i have to do something else to make it work or are the modules not compatible. Jim January 15, compaq f730us 2: But, what about the fan and heatsink? Other times it boots but compaq f730us shows on the screen.

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Also, take a look inside the heat sink. JFBP December 15, at 6: I also compaq f730us my power suply between L and the broken one. I controlled the temperatures with a IR temperature compaq f730us, I think that this is very helpful in order to do it securely.

Take a look inside the heat compaq f730us assembly. On most laptops I have done this on, they tend to have a thermal pad attached to the graphics heatsink. NanaDany September 4, at This is for 90 watt AC adapters. This laptop is crazy.

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compaq f730us Even though it passes test, the hard drive still could be faulty. Instead of replacing just the jack requires soldering skillsI would suggest replacing the power connector board.

External compaq f730us mouse works fine. Then, the next day came the anticipation compaa assembling the laptop again.