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Once started and stabilized, it seems to work just fine. I hibernated the system, and now it’s asking me for the key again: The backlight lamp installed inside the screen. Do you think there is only one Sony Vaio out there? Hi,I am glad to find your post. First of all, reconnect all cables on the new screen. So now I hook the new lcd back up and still nothing…so I do the same thing again…hook up the old video cable with the new screens backlight hooked up.

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I had computer in rain. Tried removing from hard drive without disconnecting at sony vaio sz330p motherboard but seem to be stuck in with adhesive tape. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I switched screens in no time. The mains charger is putting out 19V sz330p the DC jack seems secure. If you cannot find a new screen anywhere sony vaio sz330p, probably eBay will be the only place to buy it. Sony vaio sz330p, backlight on SZ2XP suddenly died, when connected to an external monitor everything works fine and if you look at the screen closely with a lamp, everything is there.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I ordered new one hooked up the inverter to backlight backwards. I have a vaio szn.

How to take apart Sony Vaio VGN-SZ series laptop – Inside my laptop

If there is no damage, you should be able to click the key back on the retainer hinges. My question however might be silly sony vaio sz330p you.

Make sure the sony vaio sz330p module is seated properly in the slot. A reboot test siny a hibernate test. Right now it is hooked up to a regular monitor. Can you see a very dim image on the screen?

Try reinstalling the OS.

Repair LCD screen with water damage | Laptop Repair

You purchased a new screen, replaced the broken screen and now there is problem with the backlight on the new screen. Solution by vbalu worked well.

On this model the inverter sony vaio sz330p is attached to the screen sa330p two screws. Your information was perfect. When the inverter goes bad the LCD will not light up at all.

I thought I cushioned the laptop really well with 4 layers bag, notebook sony vaio sz330p, and 2-layer cushion that came with the laptop originallybut it seemed like it did not hold up. I did a reflow to the gpu cuz it was broken and now the LCD has stopped working.

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ645

There is an adapter between the DVD drive and motherboard. There are only 2 screws on top and the bottom part seems to be attached to the hinge. You cannot tell what is causing the problem sonj testing the laptop with another screen.

Only problem with varranty is that sony vaio sz330p guys do usually take their time and repair the laptop for weeks or even months: I have not installed any additional software as I wanted to set up the Sony vaio sz330p first.

I dissasembled it to chek connections, the video cable connection seems to be tight… What seems to be the problem? I took it apart and found the problem. With our help, your equipment will function properly! VGN-SZU — recently verticle blue lines began appearing at the power-on password prompt followed by a square of dollar signs followed by a Windows Sony vaio sz330p boot screen with just the progress meter showing.

I have a Dell Inspirion B sz330; I am having some problems that I would love to have some assistance with; sz33p0 screen when it is first turned on has a blueish green cloudy display almost like sony vaio sz330p appearance of alge and then as the computer begins to boot up there are three lines of different colors, red, green, blue and then son happens or is atleast visible.

Monday, February 12, 9: A sony vaio sz330p of different screws and slightly different tape. Continue at your own risk. Thanks much—I had gone to Dell and found nothing—and had not gone quite far enough to actually download a manual from one of the vaip sites. When the computer is on, the screen is dark, but I can see that a light, which I assume is the backlight, is actually lit. Is sz303p anyway to post the pics on here or link to them once I upload them to my laptop so you can see the spots and possibly identify sony vaio sz330p problem?

It has no picture but works with an external monitor.