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Introducing ArrayCollection and other data types 9: Using the Data Services wizards to connect to a service.

Creating custom skin properties 9: Data handling and manipulation. Applying transitions to view states. Dispatching a value object from the custom component Programming ActionScript classes This training course will help you understand how you can leverage the open source Flex framework to build RIAs.

Adobe Flex Tutorial

Understanding the event object and bubbling Styling the Form container. Adding data to your application. Exploring Flash Builder and Flash Player 6: Defining styles in CSS 9: Flex in a Week video training.

Using the DataGrid control. Passing data to the server using WebService.

Displaying dynamic data in a custom item renderer. Setting up Flash Builder and your project files. Day 3 project files.

Day 5 project files. Adding event listeners with ActionScript 7: Retrieving and handling data using RemoteObject Creating an ActionScript class and instances. Passing data to item renderers for display.

Flex in a Week video training | Adobe Developer Connection

Generating value objects using Flash Builder data services 9: Creating custom skin properties. Separating the model, view, and controller. Day 1 project files. Using advanced CSS selectors. Creating item renderers for Spark List components.

Flex in a Week video training

Dispatching a value object from the custom component. Creating and navigating application states.

Creating an ArrayCollection of value objects. Extending the Event class to pass data in the event object. Drawing with MXML graphics 3: